Artist Statement: 

Stacy is obsessed with the environment, both natural and built. Trained as an architect, she learned to be an observer of her surroundings, taking notes of every little detail, from tectonics and colors to textures. Her artwork is a mixture of her observation and whimsical imagination. As a designer by day, making art provides her an opportunity to keep her mind fresh of ideas. Her art and design bounce energy off each other. She also hopes to raise awareness of the delicate environment and ecology through her art.

About the artist

Stacy lives and works in the gorgeous city of Seattle. Prior to moving to Seattle, she lived in Eugene, Oregon, where she acquired a master degree in Architecture. Being bilingual and having grown up in two different continents, she has always been sensitive to both natural and cultural environments surrounding her.

Her biggest inspirations come from her garden and the natural bounty the Pacific Northwest has to offer. She’s obsessed with all the amazing patterns and colors that exist in the nature.

Stacy is an avid hiker and backpacker. During the years in Oregon, she explored all over the central Cascades and high desert, documenting wildflowers and camping by alpine lakes. After relocating to Seattle, she has been on several adventures on bike and by foot throughout the mountains and islands surrounding the area. If given the opportunity, she can’t make up her mind between cycling across North America or backpacking through the entire Pacific Crest Trail.

Stacy has a front yard filled with vegetables and fruit trees, a backyard filled with chickens and beehives. She currently has 2 dog, 4 hens, and 2 beehives. She plays piano once in a while, is learning how to sew, and knits/crochets for fun. She hopes to get a pygmy goat someday.

For Stacy, it is important that her artworks reflect her belief and lifestyle of being close to the land, learning from the land, and eating from the land. Some of her works convey the message of conservative ecology and urban farming, while others simply show the beauty and vibrancies nature offers.

She completed a graduate certificate in natural science illustration at University of Washington in 2013.